How to write an effective Osteopath Job Advert

How to write an effective Osteopath Job Advert

The demand for osteopaths is always high and this means that it can be difficult to capture the attention of a potential associate or employee, what with so many other practices or employers seeking Osteopaths

Osteopaths have a major influence on your clinic; therefore, the way in which an Osteopath Job Advert is structured will affect your number of applications and possibly how seasonable the candidate is. To recruit Osteopaths who can provide excellent care to patients, maintain accurate reports, focus on physical health and be a true asset to your business, there are some basic steps to take.

Certain areas should be focused on when creating job adverts and these are:

·      Structure

·      Salary Information

·      Clinic / company details

·      Wording

·      Keywords

Just like a short story, an advert should have a start, middle and an end. This will make it easier for the candidate to scan the content and determine if this is the role for them. A good advertisement will not be longer than 2,500 words and it should begin with some basic information about your practice or business.

An introduction must captivate the reader, and if they are still interested after reading this part, they will continue to read the middle section, which should outline the job duties and core skills. The end should specify the benefits of working as a Osteopath for your clinic, salary information and career progression.

The key to recruiting Osteopaths to your clinic is to introduce positive wording into the advertisement. Addressing the applicant directly with the word ‘you’ is a powerful way to draw them in and gain interest. Phrases like ‘you must’ and ‘you need’ will put pressure on the potential new hire and this may prevent them from submitting an application. A soft approach will make the candidate feel relaxed and positive.

Finally, it is time to overshadow the competition by implementing keywords. Remember that when recruiting Osteopaths, the ad needs to hit the top spot on search engines and contain keywords that candidates will search for. If the keyword density is low, the candidate may find another clinics job first. This means that experienced Osteopaths may only pay attention to the ad that features at the top spot. Keywords should be sprinkled throughout the ad, but keyword stuffing is not recommended.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, involves finding suitable, high-traffic keywords and when these are tied into the content and the advert is advertised on suitable websites, the search engine will detect keywords and ultimately, place the job advertisement high in the search results.